Terje Risberg´s art is created under several tons of pressure in a rolling press. Oil pigments from the print plates is transferred deep into the print paper creating rich and subtle colors and textures. The process includes inking the plates and removing the surplus by wiping each plate several hundred times by hand. Three or more plates with different colours are used for each print. The plates are produced on basis of sketches made in Photoshop and on paper. Risberg uses an exposure- and etching process and works the plates with burnishers, scrapers and sandpaper to obtain the final result. The results are nature themes- compositions with the three elements water, earth and air.

Terje Risberg says:
“I believe in craftsmanship. Also in art. Especially in art. My brain controls my hands. But my hands know more than my brain. When I let my hands work, they will obtain results that the brain never would have been able to come up with. In this context, my brain is only the extension of my hand. My approach to art has been through nature. I try to convey my sensation of being a part of nature that reflects itself in another part of nature and by so doing reaches a form of understanding.”

Machine- made objects surround us- also in art. But people are now becoming increasingly aware of the importance  of craftsmanship. People are looking for sources of knowledge about the hand- made object. Terje Risberg´s extensive knowledge of the printmaking process is one such source.